1930 JAP SS80

1930 saw a slight overall drop in production although numbers of JAP SS80 almost doubled from the previous year. There were 41 SS80s, only 21 SS100 and 69 OHV 680s. The 5/15 and 750 SV were still being made as with the previous years the numbers are unknown.

1930 JAP OHV 680

There were no major introductions or even changes shown in the 1930 catalogue. The United Kingdom was suffering from the worst economic depression in living memory. Prices of the Brough Superior remained the same as the previous year.

1930 JAP SS100 JTOR

There were a few very minor detail changes. Dust shields appeared on the brake plates, the saddle boasted enclosed springs and there was an improved carrier design.

(Text courtesy Miles Soppet with the assistance of Dave Clark - B.S. Club Technical Historian.)