1934 saw the virtual demise of the JAP engined SS80, with only one produced, the JAP SS100 not far off either with only 6, the OHV 680 stood in at 18, the lions share being taken by the 11/50 with 78 made.
All these models were much the same as previous years. £99- 12s - 6d would get you the standard 11/50, but you could still have what you desired, in terms of additional specification on your new Brough if you had the money.
Spring frame, Castle forks, legshields, footboards, foot gearchange and so on.
The footchange gearbox was the 4 speed Sturmey Archer with an end cover modified to carry the positive stop unit.
Mind you, with a solo 11/50 you hardly needed the gearbox, foot or hand change variety.

Most of the models now boasted Amal internal twistgrips, with horn and dipswitch being part of the handlebar set, all wires and control cables running inside the bars emerging in the centre between the fork handlebar clamps.
Over the years the saddle had gradually become larger and now was a full 18" wide with a small raised back.George, as he got older, was thinking more of the riders creature comforts.