Mk 1 OHV still in production, numbers unknown, see 1920 for details

Mk 2 MAG overhead inlet side exhaust., This is effectively Mk 1 cycle parts with the Swiss MAG engine. Very few were built, club records show one survivor from this year.

MAG were a well respected manufacturer of proprietary engines supplying many other makers.

MK 1 Side Valve. Records show just three of this model,. This reflects the starting of works records and not total production.

The Mk 1 SV used a JAP 1000cc single camshaft engine. 85mm bore by 85mm stroke giving about 25 brake horse power.

Sturmey Archer CS 3 speed gearbox.

Mostly with Acetylene lighting

Open diamond frame with Webb or Enfield wheels and now the possibility of Brampton, Druid or Montgomery front forks.

At this time braking was usually done through the infamous ‘dummy rim’ rear brake, both front & rear wheels This was considered very adequate in 1921. Traffic was almost non existent by today’s standards. One modern rider was so frightened by the lack of stopping power he sold the bike almost immediately after restoring it. 25 BHP does not sound much but with a very light bike it was possible to cruise solo at 60 to 65 mph. This was very impressive at the time.